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How to use this website

Scan the category list on the left side of the page and choose a category that you would like to look at by clicking on that category.

Thumb images of available products will come up for that category. There are up to 18 thumb images of products on each page and the may be several pages. At the top of the  thumbs images you can select the page you want to look at. 

To have a closer look at any of these products, simply click on that thumb image of the product and a new full page will come up with a larger view of the image and full product description. At this stage for a highly magnified view of the product image, place your mouse cursor over part of the image and a highly magnified view will come up next to the product image on the right. This is really cool as loads of intricate details can be seen this way.

If there are several colours offered in one product you can compare these colours. Once the full product page and description are up, simply click on the product image and a pop up box will show colour options for that product as thumb images at the bottom of the box. By clicking on these thumb images, or by using the "Prevous/ Next",  all the avilable colours can be easily compared.